Moab. Our Go-To Spots.

Last week, my pregnant wife and I decided to have a kind of “last hurrah” camping trip before kids come. We live in Utah valley and fortunately, we’ve had a pretty heavy winter so far. As much as we love the snow, it’s great to get some sun throughout the generally overcast winter. Moab is only 3 hours away, so we left on Friday morning to warm up on some nice red rock.

Moab is an amazing getaway during the winter because the hot red rock makes the 60 degree weather feel like 75. With two of Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks in Moab’s backyard, the town is a great family destination. Moab’s easy access to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dead Horse Point State Park, the Colorado River, and thousands of square miles of awe inspiring red rock landscapes has made it one of the most popular spots in the Southwest.

We had camped in Moab 6 times before, but always in a tent, and never with our camper Betty-Jean. Our favorite spot is no secret. Sand Flats Recreation Area in loop C has some of the best “non-primitive” camping spots in my opinion. They are right up against red rock, have huge sandy areas in each campsite, and are still close enough to the city for convenience. Not to mention that the famous Slickrock bike/hike trail is literally 1 minute away. Luckily, a small trailer will also fit into any of these sites. It’s especially worth checking out the sand flats area if you plan on doing any biking or 4×4 in Moab.

Our Go-to Moab Hikes:

  • Corona Arch (2 miles one-way)
  • Fisher Towers Trail (2.2 miles one-way)
  • Negro Bill Canyon (2 miles one-way)
  • Hunter Canyon (2 miles one-way)
  • Double Arch (0.5 miles round trip)
  • Delicate Arch (3 miles round trip)
  • Landscape Arch (1.9 miles round trip)
  • Slickrock Trail (Varies)

Our Go-to Moab Bike Trails:

  • Bar M Loop (Varies)
  • Slickrock Practice Loop (1.6 miles round trip)
  • Slickrock Full Loop (10.7 miles round trip)
  • Porcupine Rim (14.7 miles)

Some of these trails are harder than others,  but other than Porcupine Rim, all of the hiking/biking trails can be completed by any “in-shape” adult, and many by younger kids. Some of the easiest and most accessible hikes that I listed are located in Arches National Park. If you are new to Moab, Arches is the #1 place I would recommend.

Hopefully this list helps someone out there try something new in Moab. Enjoy!

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  1. Just amazing, guys! Would absolutely love to connect and go camping sometime!
    I imagine your first little one has just or is about to make their first appearance ?!
    Chris (@knotaboyscout on insta)

  2. Great post. Will for sure reference this when we go. We oly have scratch the surface of Utah, but enjoyed the hot springs and the old delapidated refinery off the high way

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